Since the development of IVF, one of the most controversial topics highlighted by specialists has been the link between fertility treatment and a higher risk of ovarian cancer. New research from the Netherlands was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on November 17, 2020. “It’s reassuring to know that women who had ovarian stimulation for assisted reproductive technology have no elevated risk of malignant ovarian cancer, even over time,” says leading author Flora E. van Leeuwen, Ph.D., of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

The new study, done in the Netherlands, included 30,625 women who received ovarian stimulation as well as 9,988 those suffering from infertility who did not receive any such treatment. The study followed these participants for a median period of 24 years. In comparing the two groups, no increased risk was shown for those women who received ovarian stimulation, even after two decades. Another noteworthy discovery was that women with more successful IVF cycles had a lower risk.

Experts have evaluated these findings based on all available information. After a thorough examination, they concluded that the study’s findings contradict the premise that IVF procedures raise the risk of ovarian cancer. This new study is all the more critical when the number of infertile couples is at an all-time high.

As Cyprus IVF hospital, we understand how stressful and challenging fertility treatment can be. Reassuring our patients is a goal we work on daily. We’re more excited than ever to share the findings of this study with you.

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