About North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

Cyprus is the third biggest island of the Mediterranean following Sardinia and Sicily. It is renowned for its sunshine! The island has a typical Mediterranean climate that sees sunshine for 300 days in a year.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is known with its hotels and clean and unique beaches that offer holidays in four seasons, however, it has many other beauties that can only be lived on the island. These vary from deep history to leisure venues, nature, shores, cuisine and many more. With low crime rates, Cyprus is among the most secure countries around the whole world and it provides a constant benefit of that to its citizens. Be the local or foreign, Cyprus is suitable for everyone, no matter young or old. Renowned for its magnificent climate and warm people, North Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands that joints three continents. With its clean beaches and shores, it is definitely a tourism paradise.

One can swim in all seas that lie beneath golden beaches with transparent water that goes along 700 km. Along with its waterfronts and beaches, Girne is the centre where people gather and socialize. Cypriots are affectionate and friendly just as Turkish culture portraits. This feature of Cypriots is one of the reasons why people fall in love with Cyprus instantly. Cyprus is a place where people adopt you as a member of the family with indulgence and hospitality. Mainly in Girne, all cities of Cyprus have vivid and dynamic social venues such as cafes, restaurants, bars, casinos and hotels. One can spend time at waterfront areas and beaches and socialize as well as catch the night with entertainment venues. Life in Cyprus goes with fun and joy through social activities. By means of its peaceful atmosphere people have happy lives at homes. Life in Cyprus provides many advantages to its citizens; lives are positively affected by the prosperous and peaceful atmosphere. Most people work delightfully and build their careers as well as carrying our their academic life along with a happy social life.

Some must-see places of Cyprus which stuns one not only with its history and culture but also with its natural beauties are Lefkoşa Walled City, Great Inn, St. Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Monastery, Girne Castle, Girne Yacht Harbour, Blue Mansion, Karmi Englis Village, Salamis Ruins and Theatres, Mağusa Walled City, Karpaz Golden Beach, Karpaz Gate Marina, Karpaz Zafer Burnu and Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

About North Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

The capital of North Cyprus is Lefkoşa. Other than Lefkoşa, there are 6 big cities in total as Girne, Mağusa, Güzelyurt, İskele and Lefke.

GMT + 2

Official currency of North Cyprus is Turkish Lira since 2005. It is abbreviated in TL. Banknotes: 200, 100, 50, 20 10, 5 TL. Coins: 1TL, 50, 25,10 piastres. Pounds, Euros and US Dollars are exchangeable at exchange offices and frequently used at the shops. There are ATMs in all cities, accessible to withdraw with debit cards and credit cards. Credit cards are used in all hotels, restaurants and shop centres.

Turkish is officially spoken in North Cyprus. English is frequently spoken.

One can easily come to North Cyprus via air or sea. Flights to North Cyprus are made to Ercan Airport which is located 12 km east of Lefkoş Geçitkale Airport, which is located on the east is seldom used as an alternative. In addition to these airports, dur to it is very close Larnaca airport is sometimes used. There are trips to Mağusa and Girne seaports from Turkey.

Since it is a dry Mediterranean island, summers in Cyprus are hot and dry, winters are warm and less rainy. Average temperature over the year is 19.0o

Traffic is driven on the left since Cyprus was a British Colony.

Regarding sale and purchase estates in North Cyprus, terms dönüm, evlek and ayak kare (ft2) are used.

1 dönüm: 4 evlek = 14.400 ft2 = 1338 m2

1 evlek: 3600 ft2 = 334,52

1 m2 = 10.76 ft2

1ft: 30.38 cm

International phone code is (+90). There are two GSM operators as Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell and Telsim Vodafone.

North Cyprus promises hopes not only to local but also to foreign investors and records a consistent enlargement. This consistent enlargement rate is accelerated in recent years. Today, it is deemed as one of the best recurrent markets. This is a consequence of various factors such as constant growth in tourism and education or local and foreign estate investments and holiday houses purchase by the foreigners. GDP per capita is 15.000 USD (as of 2017) and economy gradually has been growing. North Cyprus provides a prosperously secure and hopefully consistent investment atmosphere along with its constantly growing economy, increasing tourism size, post-graduate sector and foreign investors.

Post-graduate sector currently covers the biggest size in the economy with 16 universities and approximately 95.000 students (as of 2016). 5 more universities are now being constructed and 11 prior authorizations are granted by the government. In the last 13 years, student population increased 375%, from 24.000 to 90.000. It is estimated that this number would increase to 150.000 in the next 8 years. It is presumed that each student contributes to local economy 17.000 USD annually.

In the last decade, governments of Cyprus, of which population is 300.000, noticed the importance of foreign investments for a stronger economy and more development. Therefore, there is a great highlight on public investment. Among these there are some projects of water supply from Turkey via tunnels undersea, 5 millions of passenger capacity airport project, highway constructions constantly and various infrastructure projects. Additionally, feasibility works of the project of electricity supply from Turkey are still carried out.

Along with advantages by its strategical location, North Cyprus presents an investment atmosphere to local and foreign investors providing favourable and equal opportunities. With its developed infrastructure, North Cyprus is the best region to invest on. Due to the high quality on business life, North Cyprus also offers various incentives to direct investments. In addition to these, due to its growing economy local and foreign investors can benefit from different economical advantages. Qualified and young labour force due to high schooling rate and universities is another advantage to foreign investors. Turkey is one of the most important labour force source with its 70 million population due to closeness in terms of location and culture. Political approach in North Cyprus is to solve the Cyprus issue and European Union vision. With a political progress on island, many crucial developments on investment climate and investments are expected accordingly. We would like to inform investors that in North Cyprus governments develop constructive and supportive policies towards local and foreign investors with the hope of development in business life.

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