Sperm Donation



Some men may not have sperm cells in their semen. In such situations, Sperm donation is an option for them. There are also cases where the patients want to avoid passing on a genetic disease to their offspring. These patients can go to a sperm bank where sperm is evaluated as usual by international standards and frozen for storage. As with donor eggs, sperm samples are tested for infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, C and HIV. Samples from Holland, the USA and England are most commonly used for this purpose. The waiting period for donor sperm is much less than oocytes (eggs).

How does one use a sperm donor?

One can use donor sperm in the types of situations listed below

  • If tests done on the semen and testicular tissue show that a patient's testes do not produce sperm
  • Presence of a genetic disease that might be passed on to the offspring
  • In situations where the male has a sexually transmitted disease
  • The use of donor sperm varies in each case. If there's also female factor infertility, then the couple can use the donor sperm through IVF.

We work with the world's best sperm banks, Cryos International and European Sperm Bank.