Tandem IVF

Tandem IVF

The tandem cycle is an IVF program where the expectant mother and the egg donor are simultaneously prepared for the egg retrieval procedure.

The Tandem IVF program is designed for women with a low ovarian reserve who want IVF treatment with their own eggs and then use donor eggs if IVF with their eggs fails.

Fertility is affected by age, and as a result, IVF success rates decline with the increase in age. This is because women have a lower chance of conceiving using their eggs due to diminished ovarian reserve and egg quality.

Tandem IVF is an ideal option for women of advanced reproductive age (above 40s) or women with low ovarian reserve, regardless of age.

After the test and scan results are analysed, our IVF specialist may recommend a Tandem IVF cycle to increase the success rates of achieving pregnancy.

How is the Tandem IVF Process?

Tandem IVF is a fertility treatment program where both your and the donor’s eggs are used to create embryos for implantation. In this treatment, both regular IVF treatment and IVF with egg donation program are performed together.

  • Tandem IVF program will start by reviewing your and your partner's most recent blood tests and health reports with our IVF Specialist to understand your case and ensure that this program suits you.
  • Afterwards, we will search for the best donor candidate for you. All our egg donors are anonymous. Their ages ranged between 21-31, and they underwent many infectious diseases and the most frequently seen genetic disease screening before becoming an egg donor at our hospital.
  • Once you choose your donor, we will start the egg stimulation process of you and the donor simultaneously.
  • After the egg retrieval procedure, the partner's sperm will fertilize the collected eggs, and two separate sets (one set from your eggs and another set from the donor's collected eggs) of embryos will be created. 

Who May Consider Tandem IVF?

Tandem IVF is created for patients who want to try IVF with their eggs first and then switch to the donor eggs set if the first treatment program (with their eggs) does not achieve pregnancy.

Women not yet under menopause (still seeing their period) and have experienced several unsuccessful IVF cycles with their eggs due to diminished ovarian reserve and poor egg quality can consider proceeding to Tandem IVF.

Why Consider Tandem IVF?

  • If you have low ovarian reserve and do not want to lose time starting a new IVF treatment process with egg donors if your IVF cycle does not conclude with a pregnancy, you can consider Tandem IVF.
  • Another reason to choose Tandem IVF is; it is cost-effective as you can combine two programs (IVF with your eggs and IVF with a donor's egg) instead of trying each IVF treatment separately.
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