Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing: Preserving Your Fertility for the Future

At our hospital, we understand that life’s journey can lead you in unexpected directions. Whether you’re planning for a family in the future or facing circumstances that may impact your fertility, sperm freezing is a proactive and valuable option for preserving your reproductive potential. Our clinic offers state-of-the-art sperm freezing services to help you safeguard your future parenthood options.

What is Sperm Freezing?

Sperm freezing, also known as sperm cryopreservation, is a process that allows individuals to store their sperm for future use. This technique involves collecting, processing, and freezing sperm samples, which can then be stored at ultra-low temperatures for an extended period. Sperm freezing helps maintain the viability of sperm cells, enabling them to be used in various fertility treatments when the time is right.

Why Consider Sperm Freezing and Benefits of the Sperm Freezing?
  • If you are facing medical treatment (such as chemotherapy) for a condition that may affect your fertility.
  • If you are about to have a vasectomy and want sperm available in case you change your mind about having (more) children in future.
  • If you have a low sperm count or the quality of your sperm is deteriorating.
  • If you have difficulty producing a sperm sample on the day of fertility treatment.
  • If, during your & your partner's IVF treatment, you cannot visit our clinic on the day of egg collection due to your work commitments.
  • If you're a male transitioning to a female, you may want to preserve your fertility before you start hormone therapy or have reconstructive surgery. Both treatments can lead to the partial or total loss of your fertility.
  • If you want to delay your family planning for personal or professional reasons, you can freeze sperm to ensure you have viable sperm available when you decide to have children.

The Sperm Freezing Process

1 - Preparation Phase

Before starting the sperm freezing process, some blood tests (Hemogram, Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, VDRL- Syphilis) are performed to screen for hepatitis and/or infectious diseases.

It is important not to engage in sexual activity for at least 72 hours before sample collection to obtain the highest sperm count in the semen.

2 - Sperm Collection

In our clinic, a sperm sample is taken in a private and comfortable environment. Sperms are generally obtained through masturbation and must be delivered to the laboratory within approximately 1 hour.

In some cases, no sperm cells are seen in the semen obtained by masturbation. In this case, also called azoospermia, different surgical methods (TESA, TESE, etc.) are used to take samples from men.

3 - Sperm Processing

The collected sample is carefully processed in our laboratory to remove seminal fluid and prepare the sperm for freezing.

4 - Cryopreservation

The processed sperm is frozen and stored in specialised cryogenic containers, remaining at extremely low temperatures until needed.

5 - Long-Term Storage

Sperm stored under controlled freezing conditions can survive indefinitely. It has been observed that sperms that have been stored for the longest period of 20 years maintain their mobility and vitality after thawing. Not all sperm may maintain their viability during the freezing and thawing process. However, the length of time kept in storage is not a factor affecting the chances of viability. Sperm can be stored until it is used for fertility treatment.

Accessing Your Frozen Sperm

When you’re ready to use your frozen sperm, whether for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), or other fertility treatments, our team will ensure a seamless process; your frozen sperm will be thawed and prepared for the selected treatment, allowing you to start or expand your family.

The Cost of Sperm Freezing

For detailed information about the pricing, please visit our webpage: https://cyprusivfhospital.com/pricing/

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