IVF with Embryo Donation



There are some situations where the couples have both male and female factor infertility. Where the woman doesn’t produce eggs, and the man does not produce sperm. In these cases, one can find a sperm donor and an oocyte donor and transfer the resulting embryo to the recipient’s uterus. This method is suggested for couples who know that they cannot get pregnant with either of their gametes. Some couples choose this treatment even if only one is diagnosed as infertile.

In short, both the male would need a sperm donor, and the female would need an oocyte donor.

These situations are summarised below:

  • Women who undergo premature menopause and cease oocyte production or lack egg production because of a genetic predisposition, past illnesses, endometriosis and/or loss of ovarian tissue after surgery on ovaries.
  • Recurrent miscarriage due to poor quality oocytes or embryos after repeated infertility treatments
  • Infertile women whose use of drugs to induce ovarian stimulation are not allowed

Diabetes or recurrent miscarriages are not considered to necessitate embryo donation.

  • If sperm is not found in the ejaculate or testicular tissue
  • A genetic disease that might be passed on to the children