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Who Are We?

Ospedale IVF di Cipro

Centro Medicale di Cipro Famagusta(Cyprus Central Hospital), con personale medico esperto e cordiale, attrezzature moderne e prodotti all’avanguardia, serve nel settore medico privato nel Cipro del Nord dal 1995.

Centro Medicale di Cipro Famagusta che è stato istituito come il primo ospedale privato nel Cipro del Nord da venture di sei medici, ha anche il privilegio di essere il primo ospedale certificato di qualità ISO 9001.

A Child    Completes The Family




Normalmente, l’uovo rilasciato dall’ovaio viene “catturato” da una delle fimbrie e trasportato lungo il Mar fallopiano fino all’utero.


IVF con donazione di Sperma

La fecondazione in vitro con donazione di sperma è una tecnica di riproduzione assistita in cui gli ovuli di una donna vengono fecondati con lo sperma…


IVF con ovodonazione

Dagli anni ’80, la donazione di ovuli è stata un’opzione per avere un bambino per i pazienti piuttosto che adottare direttamente un bambino per avere una…


Gravidanza garantita IVF con ovodonazione

Ospedale IVF di Cipro, capiamo quanto sia stressante e impegnativo passare attraverso diversi tentativi di fecondazion


IVF con embriodonazione

Ci sono alcuni casi in cui le coppie hanno sia infertilità maschile che femminile. L’uovo della donna è dove l’uomo non produce sperma.



Il ciclo tandem è un programma di fecondazione in vitro in cui la futura gestante e la donatrice di ovuli vengono contemporaneamente …


ROPA (FIV reciproca)

ROPA (Ricezione di ovociti dal partner) noto anche come fecondazione in vitro reciproca, o Co-IVF, è quando entrambi i membri di una coppia femminile dello stesso sesso partecipano al processo di gravidanza.


IIU(Inseminazione intra-uterina)

L’inseminazione intrauterina, o IUI, è uno dei metodi utilizzati nei trattamenti dell’infertilità. Nel trattamento di inseminazione, gli ovuli della donna …


Screening genetico con selezione del genere

I test genetici cercano cambiamenti nel DNA, a volte chiamati mutazioni o varianti. Il test genetico è utile in molte aree della medicina e può…


Tassi di successo del trattamento

% 70


% 86

Fecondazione in vitro con donazione di ovuli-tasso

% 74

Fecondazione in vitro con donazione di sperma-tasso di successo

% 91

Fecondazione in vitro con donazione di embrioni

* Questi dati sono i nostri dati medi per il triennio 2023.

Perché l'ospedale IVF di Cipro ?

Dopo aver completato la sua specialità nel 1994, Serap Kagan ha lavorato come ostetrica in un ospedale privato a Yozgat per un anno. Successivamente, è tornata a Cipro e ha preso parte alla creazione di Famagusta Medical Center LTD ed è madre di 2 bambini.

International Standards

Cyprus IVF Hospital obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security and Management Certificate. Our Embryology Specialists are highly educated and experienced in their fields. They command the most up-to-date and advanced diagnosis, treatment and genetics in IVF Laboratory procedures.

L'ultima tecnologia

La tecnologia più recente significa senza dubbio che i risultati dei nostri studi sono direttamente proporzionali agli strumenti che utilizziamo. Pertanto, non esitiamo a spendere né denaro né tempo per acquisire e padroneggiare gli strumenti più recenti e più eccellenti.

Cura personale

Cura personale nessuna delle coppie è la stessa, e quindi la loro cura è anche unica. Ogni paziente chi ai venuto a il nostro clinica trattato personalmente di la nostra direttore clinico il Dott. Serap Kağan.

Le nostre famiglie LGBTQ+

Le nostre opzioni di famiglie LGBTQ + tipicamente utilizzate dalle coppie LGBT e dagli individui per ottenere l’inseminazione artificiale della gravidanza Dec e il trattamento IVF (IVF) IVF.

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Esplora le opinioni dei nostri pazienti sulla loro esperienza con noi

Allan PetersenAllan Petersen
11:57 16 Apr 24
They are skilled, accommodating, full of empathy, and guided us through every step. ❤️
George GraysonGeorge Grayson
15:38 05 Apr 24
We got recommended Cyprus IVf hospital by friends of ours who had a successful journey with them.Starting IVF for the first time can be very daunting and you will have many questions. The team at Cyprus IVF will be there for you every step of the way. Our patient coordinator ‘Esra’ has gone above and beyond with helping us and nothing has been to much.We would highly recommend the hospital to anyone. They have an amazing team and we will be forever grateful for everything they have done.George & Ali
Anastasija SpakovskaAnastasija Spakovska
10:45 09 Mar 24
No words can describe this, after years of trying, going through tests, therapies, scans etc, we finally made it all thanks to this clinic and amazing people who work there. The team is incredible, and make you feel special. From the very first moment when we walked in, we met the team and discussed our situation. Fast forward to this day when we’ve done the HCG test to find out that it had worked out from the first attempt and we are finally experiencing a baby. This was definitely one of the best decisions we had ever made. Special thanks to Aman, dr Icten, dr Serap and the rest of the team ❤️
Mar SadiMar Sadi
17:42 06 Mar 24
Extremely grateful for the amazing and friendly staff at this hospital. Their professionalism and positive results have left an impact on our family. Special thanks to all the staff, especially Dr. Serap and sister Atieh..
Carwyn RobertsCarwyn Roberts
11:54 06 Mar 24
Our journey with Cyprus IVF Hospital has been truly amazing. As an LGBTQ+ couple living in the UK our options for having a child were limited at best, and we couldn't afford to go private in this country. Cyprus IVF Hospital was recommended to us and having met with the team via zoom, we leapt at the chance to start our journey. The whole team are both professional and knowledgeable and world leading experts in their fields which is a great comfort when starting off into the world of IVF. They gave both ourselves and our surrogate plenty of information and advice about what to expect and are always on hand via WhatsApp, phone or email. Cyprus IVF Hospital have been our guardians along our journey and have always been on constant hand to offer advice, encouragement and compassion throughout all the various stages. They are great at helping you plan your visits, and have made the world seem a little smaller seeing how easy it is to get there. The hospital is amazing and top of its class and the team are brilliant at what they do and making you feel part of the family. We are now pregnant with our first baby by surrogacy, and we are eternally thankful to all the team who have made this dream come true for us.
Katya CKatya C
10:38 26 Feb 24
We met the team at London Fertility show and the team and the guaranteed pregnancy offer became our favourite. Then we visit a number of clinics in North Cyprus and still choose Dr. Serap and the team. I am now 13 weeks pregnant from the first transfer, after 10 years of unsuccessful IVFs in 4 different countries. I have no words to thank for the kindness, professionalism and support of everyone in the clinic! Second to none care, personal approach and outstanding results! ❤️
Rana KhodaRana Khoda
14:50 08 Jan 24
My husband and I are extremely grateful for the experience this facility provided us with. We flew from USA (California) for DE IVF ,Everything from day 1 was smooth, on time, organized, precise, and hassle free!Medical team as well as Operations work like a well oiled machine together, They listen to you and tailor a program to your needs and wants.Aman Onbasi, our coordinator was a god sent who made everything happen :)The facility is clean modern, and peaceful and makes you feel safe.Team is not pushy at all and provide you with tons of flexibility to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.We recommend Cyprus IVF Hospital to everyone who's looking to receive a top notch infertility care. Thanks Team
Valerie LimValerie Lim
07:16 04 Jan 24
I highly recommend the wonderful team at Cyprus IVF. They are leaders in the field of IVF led by Dr Serap, and know what they are doing. Personally I have had a wonderful experience with them. I live in Australia and it was very straightforward to organize treatment from abroad. I found them to be very helpful and forthcoming with information, always ready with answers to my numerous questions. Aman was excellent to deal with and in constant contact with me all the time. When I finally arrived for my treatment, the team took care of us from the moment we landed, with friendly and personable drivers who picked us up and took us to each appointment. We experienced true end to end management with flawless organization that made us always feel like a priority - we never had to wait for anything, their timing is precise! They also helped us plan a good holiday while we were in between appointments, so that we could enjoy Cyprus while we were there. I feel like the team went above and beyond their job, and were personally invested in our success and this is what makes them stand out. And I am now 30 weeks pregnant… Cyprus IVF, thank you for everything!
Mrs IsmailMrs Ismail
21:44 28 Nov 23
We had such a wonderful experience at this hospital. Everyone was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We were very nervous doing a treatment abroad, but after our first visit we had no doubts. The hospital itself was very clean and professional. Our personal contact at the hospital was Esra, she was absolutely amazing, she was our rock throughout the entire process. She was always available to help with any questions, informative, and very polite and friendly. Our fertility journey at this hospital was a positive experience, and we would definitely recommend them. The best part is, the treatment worked and now we’re expecting our first child. Thank you Cyprus IVF hospital, thank you for making our dream a reality.


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